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Stories from the Heart: To Rekindle the Soul - $35

This seven set CD series is taken directly from the book, “Stories from the Heart: To Rekindle the Soul.” It contains over four hours of listening. Enjoy over 40 parables with simple yet profound teachings to help you know and live your faith.






The Ten Commandments CD $20

A profound four CD set featuring the Ten Commandments. Recorded from the book "As It Was In The Beginning", this series will give you hours of definitive instruction with stories and examples. It's perfect for CCD classes, R.C.I.A., and group listening. Provides guidance for a thorough examination of conscience.






Seven Deadly Sins CD - $10

A two CD set which probes the depths the Seven Deadly Sins. Recorded from the book, "As It Was in The Beginning", these sins are at the root of all sin, and are hardly ever spoken of, yet they remain hidden in the darkness of the evil one. Take the time to listen to where they have a hold on your life. These CD's will assist you in making a thorough examination of conscience.




Stations of the Cross - $5

Walk the path to Calvary with our Lord and His Blessed Mother....If someone rescued you from a fire in the middle of the night, how much would you think of that person? Our Lord has rescued you from much more, and how much do you think of His Passion?...Enter into His Passion by listening to this CD and contemplating on the great love He has for you and the price He paid for your redemption.





Gifts & Fruits of the Holy Spirit - $5

The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit CD is taken directly from the book, “As It Was In The Beginning”. It is and in-depth description and teaching on each Gift and each Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Great CD to grow in your understanding of their meanings






A Journey to God - $5

This CD is taken directly from the book: “A Journey to God: Through The Eyes of Creation”. Great listening on how creation is a direct reflection of the Creator. This CD contains 28 stories. Reflect upon the lion, the bear, the dolphin, the wolf pack, the skunk and many others.






The Seven Sorrows of Mary - $5

Walk with our Sorrowful Blessed Mother through her Seven Sorrows, and begin to comprehend her sorrow as she stands with Saint John at the foot of the Cross. About 60 minutes.
Excellent for Lent.






The Sacrament of Penance - $5

Need help preparing for and making a good Confession? Taken from the book, “As In Was in the Beginning”, this CD explains the five essential steps for making a good Confession, clear and concise.





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