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Bishop Roman Danylak

Endorsed by His Excellency Bishop Roman Danylak

"I strongly endorse these books to help you grow in love of God and faithfulness to His Holy Church. These books contain sound teachings of the Holy Catholic Faith; they are an immeasurable treasure." - Bishop Roman Danylak

Bishop Roman Danylak, S.T.L., J.U.D. Titular Bishop of Nissa Apostolic Administrator of Eparch of Toronto (Emeritus)

Reader Testimonials

QuoteOnce you read about the correlation between John Francis Bernardtrone, Mount La Verna in Italy, and His Excellency, Bishop Roman Danylak you will discover the spiritual value of the books published by Mount La Verna Communications.
It was by mere chance or I like to say God-coincidence that I came across these books. The first book I read was For the Love of the Sinner. A Lenten read for sure. Truly I was smitten with what I was reading. The book is right to the point, explains why we fail, poses questions on how to know yourself and over come self, teaches why pray with confidence, many stories that give you an simple analogy to aid your understanding, numerous examples for us to improve our relationship with God, countless references to our Lord’s Passion and how we participated and still participate in His death and His continual sufferings. The spiritual nuggets are endless.
One of my favorite messages that bespeak volumes, “My brothers you must always remember not what is beneficial to thyself, but what is beneficial for the Greater Glory of God.” We must be proactive in working out our salvation and not be silent bystanders. No cross; no crown.
The book, For the Love of the Sinner, is so powerful a read that I ordered a case so as to evangelize to participate in saving souls. Isn’t this part of our vocation to help each other to Heaven? ~Your sister in Christ, " - Linda - Columbus, OH

QuoteYour books are a great inspiration...They touched me in many ways: they are the orthodox-Roman Catholic books. They are great sources for evangelization especially in our modern society, seeking ever more suitable ways of proclaiming the Gospel effectively; neo-paganism is pretty obvious in today's society... and we need the books that you publish which bring people back to God. Your books infuse the world with Christ. Your books recharge a spiritual life at home; restore a proper perspective of the invisible world. Your books prepare us to confront the most serious attacks on the Catholic Faith and give answers to today's moral errors. They are solutions to today's problems." - Fr. Anthony - Illinois

QuoteThe beauty of driving in the mountains or walking through the woods has always had the effect of lifting my heart to God. A Joeurny to God gave me a whole new wonderful experience of the revelation of God through contemplating His creatures. This is a great book to add to your daily spiritual reading. The reflections are short and easy to read while at the same time insightful, inspiring and often profound." - Mary - Chicago, IL

QuoteI had been looking for a special book or retreat to take me into a deeper spirituality and closer examination of my soul for the Lenten Season this year (2010). For The Love Of The Sinner was just what I was looking for and more. Not only did I become more aware of my sinfulness and why I commit these sins, but all throughout the book I became more deeply aware of how each of my sins hurt my Lord and how I must, for love of Jesus, enter into His suffering with Him - step by step, blow by blow, nail by nail and never turn away. My prayer life is profoundly changed because of this book. I hope to re-read it every Lent. This book is a forever treasure!" - Mary Ann, Elyria, OH

QuoteAs It Was In The Beginning gave me the information I needed to start mending my relationship with God without having to suffer through unnecessary vocabulary or cumbersome sentence structures…. It has inspired me to change my ways and work harder on the sins most common in my daily grind. This little book has opened my eyes to how sin has no legitimate excuses and that the commandments God gave to Moses are just as applicable to the sins of modern culture as they were on the day they were engraved by God on Mount Sinai. For anyone who is not a reader, this book has a non-threatening nature. As someone who struggles with reading, I can attest that the easy language and straightforward tone of As It Was In The Beginning gave me the information I needed to start mending my relationship with God without having to suffer through a medley of unnecessary vocabulary or cumbersome sentence structures. I found that this book is best used together with frequent access to Confession and either spiritual direction or supplemental reading affirming God's mercy. It is both encouraging and discouraging to realize the frequency and gravity of sin in our lives and the need for God's forgiveness in a short 159 pages. However, I'm better off knowing these things that challenge me to live a better, fuller life in cooperation with God's love." - Bethany, Wheaton, IL (age 24)


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